by Rhymer/Educator

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Intrepid is a different take on a love song, whereby a narrator sees a mystery woman and begins to speculate what a relationship might be like with her based on his acquired fascination.


Chorus One - "What is her name?" 2x

Verse One - "Descends upon me like arpeggio, played into her progression, her song is the stuff of Sirens, this odyssey feels perplexing, my pupils are dilated, this music’s something sedated, the lights have suddenly dimmed and the oxygen in my chest is weighted, her melody steadily ready embedded like her Persephone, her is mythological, her is heavy, no levity, in this moment no brevity, feels like it lasts forever, her cast a stare, me no clever, her past despair, I endeavor, to cover it, can’t heal it but, but hover, protect, and love her, because of it, beat is drunken, my equilibrium suffers it, colors me, new discovery, roses and other puffery, her is warm and presumptively, charming but anti-mummery, I’ve concluded in summary, swept away by her cunning, took me from the game I’m running, to let’s go and pick the cutlery, it’s cause/effect, her existence autocorrected my vision, auto-connect so to her I shall give respect and listen"

Chorus 2 - "I believe in her there is a power, her possesses, there is something so symphonic, electronic in her methods, if this presents as sermonic, it’s because I’ve been affected, in this moment I’m intrepid (in this moment I’m intrepid) yeah" (2x)

Verse Two - "And my, feelings ascend, from a means to an end, to a friend, to a confidant, a trusted mind, persona grata, nonchalant, I could build a life with her in confidence, I could blur the lines and comfort hard times, and on and on, go on, appreciate her, open the blinds like Lord and Savior, hoping her find time for me later, I’ll be the perfect date, like April 25th, her be the one I’m with, it’s magic, her in a light jacket, her in a whole nother bracket, her be like the first time that I ever heard Janet, Let’s Wait Awhile I jam it, dance and we rock it like lift-off, heart in her pocket shop lift, caught. Had a strong open like Rick Ross, but I question my close just like Kris Kross. I know I’ve been captured, something significant raptured in me, her vocal sultry, attractive to me, I don't know how it has tapped into me, but in love I believe cuz it’s happened to me, ugh, let it breathe, let it breathe. I’m Fred and her Daphne to me, it's cool b, we don’t need no Mystery Machine we can just chart a course that'll force us to be like the breeze, and chill"


released February 14, 2019
Artist: Rhymer/Educator
Song Title: Intrepid
Written By: Joe Ruiz
Background Vocals: Erin Conlin & Sam Henderson
Instrumentation: King Corn Beatz
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered By: Sam Henderson of RecordingWithSam at Always Be Genius Recording Studios in Crown Point, IN.


all rights reserved



Rhymer/Educator La Porte, Indiana

Rhymer/Educator. Love. Conversation. Music. Quentin Quarantino: A COVID-19 Story, May 2020.

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