The Rhymer​/​Educator Project

by Rhymer/Educator

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Destination 03:34
It's like we get so hung up on the destination, that we forget to look around us, and see that we've arrived. (Verse One) To be an illustrator, vocally, interpreting hyperbole, I'm working hard to pay the bills while balancing and surfacing the haters' negativity, worthy to own my dreams? No they not. I take control of everything that I've got. I take a pen and then plot. I pray for inspiration day-in-day-out. Speak to me Muse and let my ballpoint shout. I'm integratin' words on paper just to see what they bout. My mind is clearest when I'm steerin' just to figure out the lyrics, pushin' pencils in high gear and I'll move forward without fearin' what they industry expects from me, label me an MC till I die, so reverently I'll keep my head to the sky. I'm making music for myself so best believe I'll make it right, so best believe I'll make it tight, and what you're hearing here tonight is productivity, I'm Rhymer/Educator, say it right. Nobody in the world can do it like I do it so I'll just keep on working harder till I finally prove it (come on). (Hook) It's like we get so hung up on the destination, that we forget to look around us, and see that we've arrived. (Verse Two) Not a celebrity, but ready for the currency, I feel a sense of urgency in music for someone who puts his heart in his work. My heart is beating and the bass is alert. I feel a newer sense of breathing when the pain is endured, just like a newer sense of seeing when the canvas is blurred, just like a newer sense of speaking, words are properly slurred. Inhale, exhale it all out. Will I prevail or will I just sell out? We intertwined in a world where dimes used to be money, now they good looking honies. We separated by the slang that we use and all the words that we choose to change a language that was useful, universal, now it's regional and seasonal, still crucial is the fact that we're responsible for everyone who listens, speaking substance on the track to lift up rap has been my mission. Advance and art form that has made our hearts warm, in death we don't part from what has made our hearts one. (Hook) It's like we get so hung up on the destination, that we forget to look around us, and see that we've arrived.
(Verse One - Witte) I started back in of 05. Wanted to shine. Wanted to be so live but I lacked the vision and I couldn't get behind, it was like pop culture was causing me blindness. But I got sight when I prayed for a change. got a new motive, my focus rearranged, I don't want to back track, want to take it to the max, want to make an impact by making real rap. try to spit words worthy of my God. mumble rappers sound like they munching' on Tide Pods. don't blame me. It Ain't My Fault, Silkk the Shocker, rap is making no-brain followers White Walkers, because I want to be a leader - want to teach leaders. at some point the next generation's gonna lead us. Right now they need us as positive role models. I'm gon' take my roll and enroll in it full throttle. took a break but now, Jon's back. spitting flames - Scorpion, Mortal Kombat. combustible, igniting napalm contact, still keep it cool like "Hey" where the Fonz at? Gotta be a spark, be a light in the dark, go hard like I’m made of Iron Man - Tony Stark. If I gain influence, promise not to abuse it, want to make good music and do good with the music. (Chorus) I won't be defined by your dreams. committed to my goals, yeah. got to do my own thing. keep up the hustling. I won't be defined by your dreams, committed to my goals, yeah. Got to do my own thing. Keep up the hustling. (Verse Two - Rhymer/Educator) Said my flow was elementary. I got a city that would dispute said entry (LP). Every criticism can't be complimentary. If you are not my biggest fan, you just don't get me. And that does not upset me. This fact is rudimentary. This Rhymer/Educator, I'm the best this century. If you don't have the foresight, future's temporary. I'll let society politely jog your memory (j-j-jog your memory). When your family friend requesting me, all up on my Twitter page mention me, tell'em that you doubted that's the recipe, hopefully someone'll play the referee. I am not affected by the @ me's. Cartoon opinion, fake like ACME. All in my dominion trespassing. Might've bought my tickets never had me. I'm a still sing it to you gladly. (Verse 3 - Witte) I'm trying to do the right thing donating to charity, so it's humbling when I ask you to pay me. But it's frustrating y'all want Witte to play free, but you open your wallet and throw money at Jay-Z? But hey, we persevere, keeping our head to the sky when it gets severe, obstacles we making'em disappear, when you eliminate fear the dream is so clear.
The Phase 03:32
(Chorus) Before 9, I imagine what was on the radio; it was placed there without my consent. but baby after 9, I began to craft opinions and play the DJ, everywhere that I went. (Verse Two) Think back - age 10 in my seat. probably had a Rockets jersey. number 34, my man Hakeem. with a becket in my lap, on my way to make a trade, was that life? nah, baby that's the phase...and when it faded 13: I was in a choker made of hemp, and some JNCO denim, Airwalk represent, on some Bush, Wallflowers, rock the only thing that played, was that me? nah, baby that's the phase...and when it faded. 14: And One, TRL, trapped in that pop, boy band, so I thought I’d try my hand, found a few guys, sang a couple bars for the babes. were we Backstreet? nah, we was The Phase... and when it faded. 15: FUBU went the way of no limit, felt so Puerto Rican when that Latin explosion hit and for a time Ricky Martin, J. Lo, Mark Anthony, were my peeps, though that was just a phase. (Verse Two) 16: round the time the Twin Towers fell, I was into Jagged Edge, SoulChild and Maxwell, thought I'd be an R&B singer just like Case, should've known better that was just a phase. and when it faded, then I graduated, went on to college, on my path debated, recorded music, got a job and dated (everywhere that I went), probably broke a couple hearts and had mine lacerated 22: began a new relationship, man she made me trip, had a baby by age 23 and then by 26, had a second one, here's to my family. at least one thing wasn't just a phase...and never fade away. 27: I got into politics, so I ran for office in the 2nd District, tried to get in Congress. got 10,000 votes but at the end of the day, never ran again. guess you could say that was just a phase (hey). 28: marketing, selling what they offering. also started writing more and considering authoring. transitioned to teaching, finally ready to stay, at 33 I’m a star. I don't need a phase. until it fades. until I fade. we all fade. life is just a phase.
(Verse One - Rhymer/Educator) First we make our choices, then our choices make us, You’ll see. This life is linear, Tryin’ to be a sentient being. I gave it 33 years, now it’s time for me to tackle this thing, And now I’ve got all this perspective to bring. When I was young I was an emulator. I was so quick to write a verse just to demonstrate the talent. The curse was that it sounded like them other players, Wasn’t diverse. It took maturity to find what works. But now it’s funny how when suddenly there’s nothing to lose, you put away the thoughts of fame and start to seek some influence. You shed the skin of what has been and start to climb out the ruins. Originality is on the other side now check what I’m doing. I’m that nique with the U in front. Rhymer/Educator, you could join my class if you want. When you don’t think that you can score you put your faith in punt. I came to play a different game than you cool kids, because this is what my truth is. (Chorus - theMIND) Tell me how we suppose to figure this out, running to the finish line. Tell me how we suppose to figure this out, running to the finish line. almost at the finish line. (Verse Two - theMIND) Pressing buttons on elevators to nowhere. Top notch cold stares. I mean most people froze here. I strike a pose there Like, a loaded bases home run walk off, it goes there. Penny pinching, my publishing be my pension, Honestly the lack of mentions in terms of the game shifting Is actually quite sickening. I’m on my own, picturing, The world in perfect harmony. I feel the light inching in. Change is often eminent. Growth is never limited. I’ve grown sentient So tell me where my ending is. You can’t. Finally, the love is omnipotent and this is still only my beginning you still think y’all can win at this. (Verse Three - Rhymer/Educator) Now last verse is for society, actively scribing a moment. Will it or won’t it fill buckets or spill upon it, we pass the buck or we own it. What legacy we condoning today? Forks in the road demand that we choose a way. Will history show that we chose to okay Intolerance and oppression while window dressing in patriotic displays? Or will it show that we chose to oppose it? It’s hard to focus when voters protect the rose colored glasses upon their noses then wonder why things Ain’t coming up roses. I’m here to say: A new day demands, no more sleep, we can, wake up, be human, the sun shines on land, just one time, not wait till it’s crunch time, oh man. It’s time that we drew a line in the sand, and if we do my worldview concludes that it’s your world too, and in our world a few can make all of the difference, only if we choose to reject indifference (I’m talking’ bout)
Inspire Me 04:07
(Verse One) It’s puzzling; I’ve got a way with words. I write so many songs. But when it comes to you, We’ve been together long enough that every noun and every verb Probably sounds, like something you’ve already heard. And if the pen is mightier, like they say, than the sword, then you can see through all my instruments of war. It makes me speak a little less, and write about so many subjects, I guess that you begin to suspect, That I want something more. What would I do that for? (Chorus) But I just need you to know, that even as we grow old, you still inspire me. And if I’m honest, truth-be-told, I want to impress you the most, and that terrifies me. (Verse Two) I wonder why the stories closest to me are the hardest to tell. What does that say about me? That I could write about a stranger all day, and write a character into a play. Hey, guess I prefer that way. Cuz when I lay your name down on the page, suddenly feels like there’s just too much at stake. Because with me you’ve lived it all and you remember better than I scrawl, so what am I to write you won’t recall? Go on shake that magic 8 ball (I bet it’ll say) (Chorus Two) That I need you to know, that even as we grow old, you still inspire me. And if I’m honest I might say, It’s not that my affection's changed. It’s simply you’re my everything. (Verse Three) Boo, you are the feather in my quill, the motion in my still, the “U” in my vocabulary, will every song I write address it plainly? I know they haven’t lately, but even when these lyrics turn 80, You’ll be hidden faintly in the cracks, Cuz you’re my foundation, even when it lacks in presentation, your name’s somewhere in my interpretation, And I know when the mic drops, time stops, You’re the one I’m coming home to. Stability is what I have with you and knowing that my home is safe I’m able, to conquer more than just a pad of paper. I can take the world and make it greater. I guess that that makes you a world changer (Chorus Three) And I need you to know That even as we grow old, You still inspire me. And when our kids have all but grown And moved out on their own, oh, You’ll still inspire me. And when our lives are written on a stone And Heaven is our home, You’ll still inspire me. And when you doubt it Think about this song, Remember all along, How you’ve inspired me.
(Verse One - Rhymer/Educator) High five my reflection. I'm alive and I'm guessing, that a dope great, Puerto Rican hope like me on the scene could be called into question. You should give me applause (both hands) like my names ambidextrous. Cuz if you know what blessed is, you know I came from the block, now I make blocks move, make'em dance, call me Tetris. disregard your defenses. I'm a student of the craft, so whether it's the trap or the dance hall, streets or the R&B beats don't be daft, just assume your defeat, man y'all. Ain’t no limit to the feats I pull. you are just a scrimmage; I am 3-peat Bulls. The leader that you want to measure up to. the leader that you look up to. but let me interrupt you. because this night is not a club tune, so much as a love tune. because I love myself that's what Kendrick wrote, but e-without a Kendrick quote, I'm Rhymer/Educator, whoa. and now that Witte on the flow, dote. We settle your debate, one vote, cuz R/E's spoke. Time to end the convo, I'm GOAT. (Chorus) (Tonight's the night) for big dreams in the spotlight, for taking minds to a new height, (tonight's the night) for letting stars out, shine bright, for giving passion a new life, (tonight's, tonight's the night) for filling rooms up with laughter, for new beginnings, new chapters, (tonight's the night) to figure out what matters, (tonight's the night) to figure out what you after (tonight's the night) (Verse Two - Witte) The melody could take you to infinity. Tri Force represent the Trinity. Funk flow, hey what's gotten into me? Mainstream MC, I don't pretend to be. independent, a label don't own me, and I don't want them. I just want me. To keep doing what I’m doing it's a process. Giving you the gifts of the flow, God bless. Write my own lyrics with a pen on a page. Keep the ghost writing up to Nicholas Cage. Time to cut the chains that have been holding me back. Keep the focus, you could stay on track. This is 26 bars of the hotness. Circle up, gather round, yea we got this. Every time we get together, yea we drop hits. The apocalypse couldn't even stop this. now you can dance if you want to. and nod your head if you feel like. Hands up if you feel right, and we doing it like we got a green light. Be free tonight is your night. join me, we could do it up right. No problems, no (no) cares, just let Witte and R/E take you there.
Noname Show 04:03
(Verse One) Broke boy this week, but as she speaks her truth brings lows to my soul then brings peaks. unfolds me like clean sheets. tell me a story it's bedtime, them fabric softener rhymes, like sweet dreams. Telefone induced hibernation. never been so fond of a bond with a rotation, just cozied up with a record, the lavender sleeve my dress shirt, matches the artwork on the work that made me respect her. audio sweet nectar. listening to its dripping. you question heaven's existing, I got it with free shipping. channels Billie while rhyming. I sit sipping my 20 oz. a venti, divine, she gifts aplenty. she mentors, makes me her mentee, she fresh enough to be minty, smooth criminal how she gets me, firm lyrically, instrumentally, on soft beats, al dente, she do her thing independently. and this is what it meant to me. (Chorus) Can I get two tickets to a Noname show, two tickets to a Noname show broke boy this week but I got good taste though (2x) (Verse Two) Self-promotes songs, independent, so it's vital. on my twitter page, dreamt about a copy on vinyl. it's a limited edition. I can't make a purchase, cuz I’d need my wife's permission and she says it isn't worth it because I don't own a player. Rhymer/Educator. spit the fire but lack the hi-fi, stream it on the wi-fi, thinking that she made the chi right, since she dropped, when I heard the diddy-bop, put her record at the top, next to Tribe, Comm Sense, BlackStar, Aquemini, every song is hella-fly, when the days go by I've got a soundtrack. proud, hope she plaques the triple plat, she's the best in my opinion, my opinion's triple facts. all of that. she's the sing-a-long, the one I want to bring along, the coffee and the cream that keeps me warm as I daydream along. centerpiece, time piece, my peace, Nia Long. beauty, poetry, and humanity in a song. (Verse Three) Rainy days staring out the window. a puddle forms a little on the playground, wishing I could play around. melancholy moments make me revisit my issues, grab a tissue, think about my father, wish he would have stayed around, but she's my remedy for that. my escape route. she's a champagne flute, as she flows through the room. she's a ticket in first class, Wilson Pickett, same sass, less grit, still legit, like Ella Fitz, it makes jazz-sense. she sassafras, her words have many uses. peace out like deuces. hang from every lyric like she nooses. entertained by everything she chooses. radio does not dictate the coolness. her music is the coffee house, trendy blouse, femme fetale, mighty mouse, opposite of enervate, Noname with that Gypsy style, circumvent the fan mail, Noname can you hear me now? and i'll be singing this for a while.
The Fire 04:04
(Verse One) Awakened from a dream, Her hands, they shook me with a whisper, A terrified scream reduced into a whimper, Cuz’ something was awry, She urged me to come with her, When my feet hit the floor, We explored, all I remember was the light switch, Which revealed, the smoke billowing above me, Sight hitched, even-keeled, Until my mind went, silent, Time stood still, My fight-or-flight went, “Fight!” then, iPhone sent me to that 9-1-uno, You know, we’re trained for this, But when the moment when it’s real exists, The shock amplifies each minute and it hangs, suspense, so many questions cloud a head, it makes it hard for you to act instead, Without a plan we took the kids from their beds, Informed the neighbor, said a prayer, took some valuables out of our lair, Hopped in the Escape and waited patiently, Sirens a blare, Why is this happening? Father it’s not fair (Chorus) When life goes up in flames (fire, fire), It’s slow motion, Tomorrow’s a new day (fire, fire), But you feel broken, And everything could change (fire, fire), Here’s to hoping’, That everything’s okay (fire, fire), When you arrive on the other side of the fire (Verse Two) I told my daughter she was safe, and Jensen, now we’re in the clear son, They sat in the rear seat, Thankful that I’m not Jack Pearson, The trucks arrived, the end is near, Somebody tried to tell me there was nothing to fear, But since our physical bodies were safe, I thought of several ways, that I could be afraid like, What does it cost be saved? It’s almost 1a, Until the next day, no insurance company, could answer the, “How we gon’ pay?” questions, which meant no assurance, I need a blessing, Beyond, “at least we’re all alive.” How does my family thrive? When all belongings, everything we’ve acquired in life, are subject to be cloaked in smoke, what’s the damage inside? I saw them open the side door and from the basement, More haze rose, unphased they made their way in, To the stairwell, Take care, well, The smell, seems dangerous to inhale, My home’s a literal hell (man) (Verse Three) Looked like the spirit of the Devil of himself, Was being exercised, I’m not an exorcist but seen it with my own eyes, As the black was extracted with fans Just feet beneath, The very surface where my family stands, And sleeps nightly , The thought rightly , Implored fright, seeing the fight stemmed a helpless, question inducing plight within, Did it ignite, and when, Would everything be regulated to the point where we could move back in? We’re in a frenzy, Laden with doubt, I played it over in my, head time and time again, faded it out, I prayed about it, I’ll get what’s mine, till then, we made it out, Guess that’s my focus, I’ll see that as a win, I took a walk through it yesterday, I guess the smell of decay Is wet brick meets freshly burned plastic, Nuff’ to turn spastic, feeling fully defeated, Wasn’t it a fire that burned? Feels like my freedom
(Verse One - Jones) They say what goes around comes around // full circle // and on this track be ready to hit some hurdles // so many chasin’ the cheese I call em Urkels // my team we always had schemes for something worth mo // Varsity dreams from a freshman class // mission never positioned round that freshman swag // well // maybe a little once them whips got gassed // cruisin’ the 219 spittin heat over jazz// Beats now we grown but we still known to spazz // do it a lil’ diff’rent but the message still passed // some do it through class // some while leading mass // some while helping people to get up off they *(pause)* // So you get hip to the theme? Cause it was subtle // knack for usin’ our means to battle against the struggle // music the rocket fuel giving power to our shuttle // orbited round life now we back up in our huddle // full circle (Chorus) Tick-tick, tock-tick, tick-tock-tick, tick-tick-tock-tick I guess everything comes full circle (2x) (Verse Two - Cad) It’s funny when it’s lost, it can’t ever be found Like the hands on a clock, time brings things back around Went from freestylin in the Cadillac To late nights writin rhymes back to back Then I met Jesus, He changed my act Hit them college years, saw that fade to black But in my early twenties, He brought me back Now I’m an elder in the church, how bout that Got back with Theresa, I had to make it right I put a ring on it, yeah I made her my wife Now we on the next chapter, house full of laughter 11 years 3 kids, we happy ever after I finally understand, my role as a man Husband and a father, on my own two I stand Building up my legacy, raising up my pedigree Following the path that God set ahead of me Full Circle (Chorus) Tick-tick, tock-tick, tick-tock-tick, tick-tick-tock-tick I guess everything comes full circle (2x) (Rhymer/Educator) When I was a young boy I saw the ladder and the rungs didn’t intimidate me, no, not none, boy See what I’ve become boy A Rhymer/Educator, self-congratulator, that’s a job well-done boy Rappin’ on the drums boy I couldn’t afford a beat, found a jazz station, let my freestyle run boy Went from shy to uncoy My convoy still the same envoys who I used to rap with back in college Standing with a mic in the closet Never thought I’d have my own project Let alone a chance to get nostalgic RecordingWithSam is where my time spent Got a studio to take my sound and massage it Focused on my content Then I turned around and (turned around and) called my pals in Tryin’ to take that money from a hunnit to a thousand A thousand to infinity Then I’ll give it all to charity (full circle) (Chorus) Tick-tick, tock-tick, tick-tock-tick, tick-tick-tock-tick I guess everything comes full circle
Twitter Song 03:26
(Verse One) We could work together like salt and vinegar, shampoo and conditioner, mani/pedi, Wilma Betty, Angel food and confetti, but rather 280, these character limitations, show limits in our character, too many frustrations, how we crave understanding but we lack the patience, I guess we fake patrons, we activists for the hate crimes, but we espouse all the hate lines, we campaign for regulations, to keep us more safe but then turn around and show hate on our own Twitter page (Chorus) (Whoa) We've got to be better than that (2x) (Verse Two) Still we there talking that hate though, why we be actin' so fake though? Should be united we Ain’t whoa, we just assigning that blame (oh, oh), action is not the same thing as being reactive, it's not as impactive, opinions are not the same thing as an action, so stop with the inaction, I can lift you and you can lift me without you a part of my faction, so get off the screen eventually, we've got to start the unmasking, I'm on that messaging-ish, you on my messaging list, let's let intelligence in and realize the blessing this messaging is People are harder to hate up close, we've got to self-elevate, expose, places where we can relate, stop tryin' to deflate and imitate miracles, bright as the sun, hey we marigolds, emulate love like we merry souls, I want my mediums full of encouragement, focused on nourishment, so it goes All I see trending is outrage. Manufactured, some well-meaning, you always be at the protest homie, but where you at when your neighbor needs feeding? Forget your political leanings, the court of opinion proceeding, we should take note that we're all human beings, and that's what the world's needing (Chorus) (Whoa) We've got to be better than that (2x) We've gotta be better, better, better, better than that (2x) We've gotta be ONE!
Impulses 03:53
(Verse One) We wait for everything we want, stating with certainty that security is more important than our impulses. But if we're honest that's just the Jones'. I know tomorrow's just a front. It's written on the premise of, we'll still be here. As if are lives are not just impulses, at the whim of the universe that molds us. (Chorus) How long, until we disappear? And when we find each other in the atmosphere, will we say, we did it our way, and kept our impulses? Verse Two Every mistake we've ever made, was made at the hands of others' expectations. We should've stayed with our impulses. We feel them for a reason. Let's be open. Our home's 4,000 miles away. We say we'll live there someday, when our circumstances sway, like the waves to favor our emotions. To Hell with someday we should be impulsive. (Chorus) How long, until we disappear? And when we find each other in the atmosphere, will we say, we did it our way, and kept our impulses? (Bridge) Like they say honey, we've made this bed. And that means we're gonna have to lie in it too. I don't wanna live a life full of regrets. I just want to be impulsive with you. (Chorus) How long, until we disappear? And when we find each other in the atmosphere, will we say, we did it our way, and kept our impulses? (2x)
(Verse One) Don’t call me today, Realistically I know that she could, And I hear everything the doctors say, Kaleidoscope, Emotionally shook, Isn’t it senseless how a child with all this love waiting for it, Should feel a threat so early, never mind how we can afford it, Life is an obstacle but birth should be unstoppable, Eventually, I’d like to see my wife get out the hospital, Yet panic has us by the brain, this stress is set, demonstrable, Reality is no one is responsible, and Useless is the worry that we feel in our hearts, Is is possible, the worst could happen, yes but is it probable? I need to depart, the Zone that my perspective rests in, gets in, the way to see that I’m really being tested Lord give me this day, Iv's and medical terms, I miss my wife till it hurts, Visits and fresh paperwork, my sleep has never returned, Entranced more than I’m alert, Somebody help me desert, all this anxiety that this year has provided me (Chorus) Come Home Soon (2x) (Verse Two) Did I make a mistake thinking that I could do it all? Routines have got me stressed out on the daily, I really want to answer her call, Ambivalent about a job that I love, also my music’s full-steam, I’m Knuckle down, a pounded pillow relieves, a healthy bit of anger, praying in screams, I’m Elevated to eleven, my frustration paves a way for these dreams, I toss and turn and feel my skin overheat, while she Sits in a room, all by herself, a prisoner of defeat, Living on edge with lots of uncertainty, Elated by the sympathy that my community brings, Yielding to absolutely things could be worse, that’s usually the case, Religiously like God I’ll do whatever it takes, Undo these problems like you forgive mistakes, Into my head a full retreat, I need an escape, I’m Zealous in the way I love her, plus I want my son to take shape, Little Drake Is going to be a Victory, now Everyone Say (Chorus) Come Home Soon (2x) (Bridge) Oh, God on your throne, What are you teaching me? Cuz I need my family to come home soon. Oh, God on your throne What are you teaching me? I just want them here with me, Come home soon Come Home Soon
Change 03:18
(Verse One) When I’m an old man, white head, Feet in the bed, Ready to sleep, I’ll make a documentary of memories that’ll creep, Into my mental vault, Catapult me into the now, What will I make those memories be about? Should it be effortless, a job that anybody could get? Or should I work hard, dream big, and make a career? Out of my passion, the masses travel in packs. Find an attachment to souls who remain in the cracks. Will it outlast, like a fast when it’s finally through? After the hunger, sacrifice and endless wishing subdue, I’ll make a colony of men and women ready to use Communication as a way to limit negative news, No longer sentence domesticity coupled with abuse, A healthy family could ultimately stop what we knew. There is so candidly so much damage we have to undo, But in the long run you can change the world simply changin' you. I can feel it (Chorus) Change, is inevitable. Change, is inevitable (ible, ible, ible, ible) (Verse Two) Within development, we revel in a new day and age, But like the olden days, a category labels the phase. The children learning, teens rebelling, turning into their friends. Can never tell where one of them begins - the other one ends. Then comes a time when all concern is to discover yourself, The new addiction, form opinions without somebody’s help. Might even come a day when you refuse to open your ears Because the falsities are plenty, facts are commonly scarce. Following this you get the setup for the rest of your years, Seeking the knowledge anywhere, determining who you care to agree with. The company you keep, you’ve gotta ask will I leave with, A new perspective, fresh air to breathe with? See this? Imagine losing youth Having the knowledge that you Haven’t accomplished anything Change has come to rescue you. We all develop, And everything is set up, So if you feel me planet Earth we need to get up. (Chorus) Change, is inevitable. Change, is inevitable (ible, ible, ible, ible) (Bridge) Do you want a change? (Yes! You know we want a change!) Do we need a change? (Yes! We really need a change!) Do we need a change? (Yes! We really need a change!) Can we be the change? (Yes! We can be the change!)
(Verse One) She makes me think things th-th-things that I want to th-think, like blink blink, she responds to my text, a wink. I got less sense to give, and I’m sensitive, so I stress the best kid is the next to live for her. More or less I’m impressed there is, a living woman in the world who ain’t moraless, but a door hits, closed when I get too close so my throat gets confo’d and my words no spoke, roadblock, she guarded, trust not she parted from me, dummy. She thought of excuses never to love me. Plus I’m young and she questions maturity. Where do I fit? Somewhere left of adulthood but further from adolescence. Beautiful is her presence, making me lose my balance. She can keep walking from me but man, I love a challenge. Shame shame, she in with a lame, lame fo’sho. Never could be the same do the rest compare, no. (Chorus) She’s so hot, so cold. I’m lost in her tone. Talks on the phone turn to walks alone. I toss and turn upon this bed concerned. That she and I baby, could never work (2x) (Verse Two) And so I keep tryin’ tr-tr-tryin’ to pursue her with interest, might stutter each line with enough p-p-persistence, put her head on my shoulder, my girl in that instance. Then she back to the same bit speaking resistance. Okay, see the play-by-play, wearing heels they black stem, to match them, legs they stack them, top torso moreso to trash compact them, too much junk in the back end, must relax then, back when, her hair wasn’t brown, it black then, light complected, yet baby is black-skinned, I’m so caught up, cuz’ she won’t throw back, because her issues with trust they deflect my tactics. Crass girl, so skeptic of this romantic. Baby just think it over, I can’t be branded. Lame, lame, when really the game, game fo’ sho’. Never could be the same. Do the rest compare? No.. (Bridge) You know, you need to make your mind up (make your mind up) Make your mind up (make your mind up) Make your mind up (make your mind up) Change it, confused. Baby girl, that’s what you do You need to make your mind up (make your mind up) Make your mind up (make your mind up) Make your mind up (make your mind up) Change it, confused. Baby girl, that’s what you do (Verse Three - Nitty Scott) Okay, you spend a lot of lines, lots of rhymes to remind us, that this is all because I wasn’t making my mind up. Well hold your narrative, baby boy, cuz your time’s up, don’t act like you wasn’t playing and getting me psyched up, talking about you too good to be true, had me wondering who’s been loving you. If you play me once, then it’s shame on you, but if you flame me twice, well then it’s my fault too. And I ain’t trying to be to blame for my own pain, don’t want to play fair if you rigging the whole game, I told you I was with it, ready and stimulated, them shots was in the dark, but still I reciprocated, I see how you reserve what you got in your reserves. I know you thinking that any minute I might curve. Dang. I guess you just protecting yourself, but you can keep it all lukewarm for someone else.
(Verse One) Maybe I'm a teacher, but I'm a student first. I'm a student of humanity, birthed in commonality, worth a life of happiness and family, handily just a man seeking peace and understanding, but candidly, we're living in a state without neutrality, polarizing mentalities, undeniably challenging, extreme news cycles perpetuate it so casually, eminent casualties if we don't decide to handle this work. See my objective is to make us alert. We've got to be active in action. We've got to choose acts of compassion. We've got to be blessings to masses. We've got to be civil and noble. Let's feed every person that's hungry, put our communities over. I want to be decent and soulful. We ought to be neighbors and saviors. Project a legacy of love and never give life to enslavers. Show people that somebody cares and though it sounds easy on paper, it takes sacrifice, prayer, we've got to work through the layers. (Chorus) Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light). (Verse Two) The thing that I've learned about words is words matter. Throughout history, words have caused blood splatter, started wars and protests, caused people to gather. We march for civil rights and peace, and yet the latter's not accomplished but, we can not give up. We persist so that the hatred won't conquer us. We aspire to speak, like men and women before who when times were bleak showed love an open door and inspired us to change our ways. We admire their conviction and ideas are praised. With an eye on you and me the question has been raised. Will we be leaders of the truth, or just a part of the parade? A part of the facade, but facades fade away, so to truth give a nod and let god show the way. I beg you to be leaders, lovers, healers, through everything. Be the reason, believe that you can save the day. (Chorus) Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light). (Verse Three) We could be the reason they smile and be the reason they eat. Be the reason they laugh, maybe the reason they breathe. Be the reason they have the confidence to be seen. Especially up in the moments when they want to retreat. Embrace the people around you. Take my advice. Choose a positive vibe. Be a good person inside. Be a good person, ignite. Teach’em love cuz it’s right. Let that love shine bright. Teach’em to love and goodnight. (Chorus) Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light). Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light).


Special features include theMIND and Nitty Scott, MC! The Rhymer/Educator Project began with a high school teacher attempting to create a unique learning experience for his students. As the album began to take shape, profits were given to a local charity known as The Pax Center ( Now that it has been completed, you may order it for pre-order. Be sure to tell your friends about The Rhymer/Educator Project and follow Rhymer/Educator on all social media/music streaming sites!


released September 28, 2018

All Songs Written/Performed by Rhymer/Educator.
All Songs Recorded by Sam Henderson of RecordingWithSam at Always Be Genius Recording Studios in Crown Point, IN.
Beats by Sinima Beats and BeatsCraze
©All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Rhymer/Educator La Porte, Indiana

Rhymer/Educator. Love. Conversation. Music. Quentin Quarantino: A COVID-19 Story, May 2020.

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